Selling to Lutherans

Lutherans in Morrison County. There are more cattle than Lutherans in Morrison. There were 33,000 of us, but close to 50,000 of them. I came to Little Falls in December 2005. My job was to sell insurance and investments to Lutherans.

I was soon to find out that Lutherans never got sick and hardly ever died. I also learned that banks were how Lutherans saved money. Apparently, low interest rates and FDIC guaranteed banks were the bedrocks of the faith.

Lutherans in Morrison County did not like change. When a light bulb went out, they would wait up to a year to replace it and then lament about how nice and bright the old bulb was.

My task was to become one of them – blend in. By doing so I could gain their confidence and trust. Once I had their trust and had proven myself, I was able to carve out a comfortable living. I think it’s the herding instinct that kicks in. Lutherans love traveling in herds.

By C. Olsen

Date of Essay: October 24, 2011

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