Our newspaper collection contains both microfilm and bound volumes of local newspapers. The newspapers and their issue dates are listed below.  There are missing issues within both the microfilm and bound volume collections, too many to list individually here.

Due to the fragile nature of some of the bound volumes, we try to  refer to the microfilm copies as much as possible. Certain bound volumes (particularly the Pierz Journal) also have photocopying and/or access restrictions. (Be prepared to hand-copy from newspapers with restrictions. The bound volumes of the Pierz Journal have become so fragile that only staff will be allowed to handle them.)

Microfilm Newspapers in MCHS Collections:

Bowlus Advance: 4/1917 – 5/1925

Bowlus Hustler: 5/8/1925 – 7/10/1925

Bowlus Independent: 11/10/1916 – 3/30/1917

Cass County Pioneer: 1/16/1894 – 12/26/1896

Comet’s Tail: 1/8/1923 – 5/26/1931

Little Falls Courier 3/25/1876

Little Falls Daily Transcript, Industrial Edition: 1/1/1894

Little Falls Daily Transcript: 8/16/1880 – 5/19/1881, 1/1901 – 11/1982

Little Falls Herald: 1/1898 – 9/1949

Little Falls Northern Herald: 1/14, 1/21, 8/19, 10/28 – 1857

Little Falls Sun: 9/30/1882 – 4/30/1885

Little Falls Transcript (weekly): 3/21/1878 – 1/18/1901

Morrison County Democrat: 10/24/1891 – 7/29/1909

Motley Citizen: 8/9/1901 – 8/29/1902

Motley Mercury: 1/1913 – 3/1943

Motley Register: 4/1888 – 9/1891

Pierz Journal: 10/23/1924 – 3/17/1932, 5/6/1948, 7/1956 – 4/1973

Randall News: 3/5/1942 – 7/8/1943

Royalton Banner: 3/9/1887 – 1/2/1889, 2/1891 – 4/1973

Royalton Banner – Pierz Journal: 3/3/1973 – 12/30/1976, 1/2/1975 – 7/11/1980

Royalton Record: 7/17/1885 – 12/2/1885

Sauk Rapids Frontierman: 4/26/1855 – 1/5/1860

Sauk Rapids Sentinel: 3/28/1868 – 12/30/1870

Swanville News: 9/1900 – 11/1972

Upsala News Tribune: 11/1915 – 6/30/1922, 1/1936 – 11/1972

Bound Volumes

Banner-Journal (Pierz & Royalton): 5/1973 – 7/1980

Little Falls Daily Transcript: 7/1892 – 11/1982

Morrison County Record: 4/1979 – present

Morrison County Shopper: 1976 – 3/1979

Pierz Journal: 1909 – 12/1970

Rich Prairie Shopper: 1973 – 1975

St. Cloud Times, Little Falls Edition: 11/1982 – 5/1987

Digital Newspapers

Pierz Journal: 1909-1913, available at Minnesota Reflections within the Minnesota Newspapers Collection

10 Replies to “Newspapers”

  1. I’m trying to locate the obituaries for several people. They lived in Villard township, but close enough that their post office was in Motley:
    Andrew Wesoloske/Wesolowski died in Staples on 14 Feb 1914
    Max Wesoloske/Wesolowski died in May 1908
    Johanna Wesoloske/Wesolowski died 4 Sep 1896

    Would there be any other collections in Minnesota of Motley newspapers covering 1896 and 1908 time frames?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Arden White
    1187 Creek Ridge Dr.
    South Jordan, UT 84095

  2. Hi, Arden – Motley is an interesting place to research because the city lies in 3 counties, Morrison, Cass and Todd, which means its history is part of all these counties. To see whether there are newspapers in these counties that might carry Motley obits from the time periods you need, contact the Cass County Historical Society at 218-547-7251 and the Todd County Historical Society at 320-732-4426.

    Both are also on the web. Cass County has an obit index online here: http://www.casscountymuseum.org/obituaries.html

    Todd County’s website is here: http://www.toddcountymuseum.com/

    If you’d like the Morrison County Historical Society to do research for you, drop us an email at contactstaff@morrisoncountyhistory.org and let us know what you need. Our research fees and policies are available here: http://morrisoncountyhistory.org/?page_id=1193

    Mary Warner
    Museum Manager

  3. I am trying to find evidence of a tank catching fire and burning at Camp Ripley in July 1973. Is there a way to find out if anything was published in the Little Falls papers about this incident?

    1. Hi, Charlene – Stop out at the Weyerhaeuser Museum and we’ll pull out our Little Falls Daily Transcripts for you to search. The museum is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-5.

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

      1. I just ran across this response. I live in North Idaho so am unable to come to your office. Is there any other way to get this information?

        1. Charlene – Museum staff can do this research for you for a fee of $25 per hour plus any copies we make. If you’d like us to look up the article, please send us an email at contactstaff@morrisoncountyhistory and provide us with your mailing address and what you are seeking.


          Mary Warner
          Executive Director

  4. I’m not sure if right place but was wondering if I could have some information on 715 lindbergh drive north west, if there were any deaths in or on the property.

    1. Hi Alecia-

      In order to look into that, first we would need a list of people who used to live at the address, then we can double check with our records to see if we have any obituaries that list them as dying at home. You can get previous owners from the County Recorder’s Office. Feel free to reach out to us again when you have that list, and we can go from there! You can also reach us at staff@morrisoncountyhistory.org.

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us!

      Grace Duxbury
      Museum Assistant

  5. I am wondering if you can find obituaries for the following:

    Nils/Nels Olson, died 3April 1918
    Martha Olson, died 19 March 1944

    They lived in Upsala/Swanville area and buried at Spring Brook Cemetery near Swanville.

    1. Hi Dan! We can absolutely look into that for you. We do charge a research fee, $25 per hour of research along with a small fee for copies and shipping. If that’s alright by you, can you email us at staff@morrisoncountyhistory.org with a mailing address we can send everything to? You would be sent an invoice upon completion of the search along with your copies.

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us!

      Grace Duxbury
      Museum Assistant

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