Central Minnesota Remembers Vietnam – 2018 Exhibit Guide (large pdf document, printed version available at the Weyerhaeuser Museum in the gift shop)

Civil War Vets – Morrison County (pdf document)

Korean War Personnel – Morrison County (pdf document)

Korean War Uniform

Pete Liljedahl: Little Falls’ Coach & World War I Hero

Spanish American War Vets (Morrison County, pdf document)

Spanish American War-Volunteers Whose Service is Uncertain (Morrison County, pdf document)

World War I Vets (Morrison County, pdf document, 34 pages)

World War II Army Uniform

World War II Veterans (A-L) (Morrison County, pdf document)

World War II Veterans (M-Z) (Morrison County, pdf document)

World War II Military Rank Abbreviations (Useful when looking at WWII Veterans lists)

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  1. Do you have a list of all the men in Morrison County who died during World War One and on to today? I am looking for casulties from Lastrup, Genola and Hillman including their name, date of death and where they died. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Jill Johnson, Park Rapids, Minnesota

  2. Hi, Jill – Seems to me we have some of that information (I’m going on memory as I write this). I believe we have some lists compiled for World War I and II, but I think our info for later wars is pretty sketchy.

    Any chance you can pay us a visit? If so, we can pull our military boxes and have you look through them. If not, you could submit a formal request to us for research via email or phone call and we can do it for you. It might take a while if we don’t have it compiled, though.

    (Sounds like a project we need to take on, doesn’t it? We’ll have to add it to our list of projects.)


  3. I was looking at the WWII veteran’s database. I just wanted to point out that “Saint” Schraut is the nickname of Aloysious V. Schraut and it seems unlikely that there would be two with that name. He was the twin brother of Alex J. Schraut.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Hi, Patricia – Thanks for letting us know about Aloysious’s two names. In compiling such a list, it can be hard to catch these inconsistencies, even with double and triple checking. It’s only when we put the information out there that corrections can be made.

    Mary Warner
    Museum Manager

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