The Morrison County Historical Society has had several archival items digitized through the Minnesota Digital Library (MDL).  The MDL’s website features a large number of digitized items from research institutions around the state.

To see our items, go to the Minnesota Digital Library and click on Browse “by collection.”  Scroll down to the entry for the Morrison County Historical Society and select “view the collection.” From there, select the specific item you want to view.

You’ll find Morrison County plat books from 1892, 1902, c. 1902-1907, and c. 1912, Nichols’ Headlight from1899, and three boosterism booklets for the county.

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  1. Are the original plat books kept at the museum? Some of the online books can’t be downloaded at high enough resolution to read. I will be visiting Little Falls later this month. Would like to see the originals if possible.

    1. Yes, Peggy, we have the original plat books at the museum. We look forward to your visit.

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

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