As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Morrison County Historical Society is governed by Articles and Bylaws. Current articles, bylaws, and tax exempt documents are linked below:

MCHS Organizational Documents

MCHS Articles of Incorporation, Amended May 4, 2021

MCHS Bylaws, Amended May 4, 2021

MCHS Tax Exempt Documents

MCHS Strategic Plan (January 2022)

MCHS Board Orientation Guide (2021)

MCHS Resource Vulnerability Assessment (January 27, 2022)

2019/2020 Annual Meeting Documents

2019 IRS 990 Form

2019 Program Service Accomplishments

2020 Annual Meeting Report

2020 Highlights

2020/2021 Annual Meeting Documents

2020 IRS 990 Form

2020 Program Service Accomplishments

2021 Annual Meeting Report

2021 Highlights

2021/2022 Annual Meeting Documents

2021 IRS 990 Form


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