Beckwith Cottage Organ from Royalton Area

Bison Bones

Brown’s Syrup Tolu, Tar and Wild Cherry

“Buckles & Snaps'” Underpants

Chewing Gum

Crazed or Crazy: America’s Recurring Love Affair with the Crazy Quilt

Depression Glass

Ed Tanner’s Snowsuit

E. I. Horsman Company “Brother” Doll

Ethel Gourd Hall’s Bandolier Bag

Fallout Shelters

Family Files

Family Photographs: Windows into Your World

Firearms Exhibit

George Wilson’s Journals

Hobson’s Anti Skeeter

Identify Your Photos

Indian Clubs

Kiewel Copper Steam Whistle

Lindquist Family Ice Skates

Lisle Family Quilt

Love Letters – Carl Johnson & Ellen Quarfoot


Maps We Didn’t Know We Had

Minnesota Highway Patrol Uniform

My Life as an Artifact

St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks



The Artifact as a Primary Source

Threads of Identity

Threads of Identity slideshow (pdf document of photos of clothing from MCHS collections)


What Can a Photo Album Tell Us? – Mary E. Butler’s photo album

W.P.A. Biographies

Yesterday’s Swimwear…Or Today’s?

“Yes! We Have No Bananas” (A discussion of the sheet music for this song)

5 Replies to “Artifacts”

  1. Hello,
    Do you have any information on a “supposedly” teacher that strangled a student with a necktie at the Pierz Schools back around 1989?
    Conversation was brought up and want to know if it legitimate or not.

    Gaylen Bicking

  2. Hi, Gaylen – I am personally unaware of the situation you describe. Confirming it might be a little tricky if the police were never called or no charges were ever filed. If the incident was handled internally by the Pierz School District, because it involved a juvenile, news of it would probably never make the public record.

    If, however, law enforcement got involved, it’s possible that the case made the newspapers. We have the Morrison County Record on file for 1989 should you want to come search it for any mention of such an incident. (No need to make an appointment; just come during our open hours.)

    Tracking down stories like these make history both fascinating and a little frustrating. If they make the public record, we’re golden. If not, we’re stuck with the rumor.


  3. By stopping in, Gaylen, you helped to solve the mystery. Because the student was choked to death, the case was considered a murder and we have files on most (if not all) of the murders in Morrison County.


  4. I have a picture story by Lee Mero…One Chistmas back in Grandgather’s time. It’s in a red velvet packaging. Could you tell me in what year it was publlished? Thanks

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