Along with Family Files, the Morrison County Historical Society collects family history books that are compiled by researchers. Because these volumes are typically sizeable, we don’t file them in the Family Files, but in the Archive.

The link below will take you to a pdf file of the index for these books:

Family History Books (pdf – 12 pages)

We continually welcome donations of copies of family history books for our collections, so our list is periodically updated. If you would like to donate a copy of your family history book, contact us.

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  1. Hello,
    My father is from Pierz, MN, and I am related to Toney Wenzel. I would like to purchase a copy of each of the two books listed below.
    1) I Remember When
    The Memoirs of Toney Wenzel, A Morrison County Farmer, Oct. 1989.
    2) Pierzana, 1865-1965: the religious and secular history of the community at Pierz, Minnesota by Robert J. Voigt; 1965, St. Cloud, Minnesota: Mills Creative Printing, 197 p.
    Please let me know how I can find these.
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi, Ann – While we have a copy of each book in our permanent collection, unfortunately, we do not have copies for sale. As they’ve been out of print for some time, I’m not sure there are copies for sale, unless you can find one in the used book market somewhere.

    Our archived copies are available for researchers to use while visiting the museum. Due to copyright laws, we can only make limited copies from the books.

    If you’re in the area, please do stop by the Weyerhaeuser Museum to have a look. If you’re farther away and need us to look up something specific from either book, send us an email (contactstaff (at) morrisoncountyhistory (dot) org) explaining what you’d like to know.

    Thanks for contacting us,

    Mary Warner
    Museum Manager

  3. Hello Mary,
    Thanks for your response. Fortunately, a used copy of Toney Wenzel’s book came up for sale on So I was able to order that book. It is good to know that you have a copy to view of Pierzana, and that you can help with specific questions.
    Thanks for your help!
    Ann Anich

  4. I recently found a letter dated jan.19th, 1937 from the Morrison County Historical Society addressed to mrs louis medek regarding receipt of a family biography.. After looking on line on this site, I believe it would be Wenzel, Tony,Memoirs. I believe he would be my grandmother’s brother. I would like to know how I can get a copy of this family biography? Please email this information? thank you.

  5. Jewel,
    The letter dated January 19th, 1937 most likely refers to the WPA (Works Progress Administration) Biography of Mrs. Louis Medek. These biographies are great sources of information. The Morrison County Historical Society got its start with the WPA and has over one thousand Morrison County WPA biographies and histories in its collection. Thanks for asking!
    Ann Marie

  6. Hello,
    We purchased an old stained glass window and were given a news paper article dated 3/14/1986 titled “Houses reflect city’s early attention to style” by Mark Gerbi.
    We were told that the house in the article was once home to the stained glass window. Would like to know where I could research this information.
    Thank you very much for any suggestion.

  7. Hi, Brenda – In looking up the article you referenced from the St. Cloud Times, I discovered that the house is the Jodon house, the oldest house still existing in the city of Little Falls. It’s also the best documented house in the city in that we have a file about it and a couple of scrapbooks from one of the previous owners. Stop on by the museum to see what we’ve got. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5. If you are too far away to stop, staff can do the research for you for a fee. Just send us an email ( or give us a call at 320-632-4007 to make a request.

    Our research fees are listed on this page:

    Mary Warner
    Museum Manager

  8. Hi Mary,

    I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my family history research as I have in the past. A family book was written by a distant cousin that I did get a copy of and upon looking at your list I see I didn’t give one to the Morrison County Historical Society as I had intended (I’ll have to get cracking on that.). But, I did see that someone else has given a family history of my family!
    “NEWMAN, DeRosier, Dufort
    Erdyne Mete
    Newman Family”

    I was wondering if there is anyway I could get information about getting a hold of Erdyne Mete as I have not come across her name in my research before.
    Thanks for any info you can give me.
    /Linda Newman Andersson

    1. Thanks, Linda. We are always glad to add to our family history collection. We will check on the Erdyne Mete contact information for you. Ann Marie

  9. My grandmother was the daughter of Edward Christle; and granddaughter to Theodore Christle. I was wondering there was any christle family history in your archives.
    Edward Varno Director Ontario County Historical Society Canandaigua, NY.

    1. Edwadr – We do have Christle family history in our archives, including information on Edward and Theodore Christle. It looks like Edward was a prominent politician in Royalton, MN. Be sure to check the Research section of our website ( for information on our research service. Thanks for your inquiry! Ann Marie

  10. There were rumors in our family to that effect about Edward. My father Vernon Varno was born in Little Falls and I believe that his family was there for some time, too. We made our way to NY in the 1960s as my father worked for the American Locomotive Company. I would love to come to Morrison Co. and visit and reconnect to my roots. Your Historical Society sounds like a wonderful organization. Thanks for the info and the tip. I will look into joining.
    Best, Edward Varno

  11. I grew up at 403 1st ave NE little Falls and I was wondering who the first owners of the house were my dad told me once but I forgot and we sold the house . Just curious thank you.

    1. Hi, Tina – Thanks for your question. The easiest way to find out who owned a particular property is to call the Morrison County Recorder’s Office. They keep a records of the history of property owners by property location. Give them a call at 320-632-0146.


      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

  12. Hello,
    My grandfather was Harry Comeau born in Little Falls in 1903. His parents were Arthur Como and Delphine Bergeron. After reading many articles in The Little Falls Herald pertaining to my great grandfather, I wonder if anyone would be able to provide the address / location of the two saloons he worked at:
    Leblanc Saloon – owned by Dell Leblanc and later his brother Robert Leblanc in 1912; article: Little Falls Herald: 26 Jul 1907- Attempted Burglary
    John Dolan Saloon – article: Little Falls Herald: Dolan Quits Saloon Business: 30 Jun 1911
    Would there be any photos of either of theses two saloons available in your archives?
    Ros Kroshus (Comeau)

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