One of our goals at MCHS is to show people what it means to operate a museum. There are many different aspects to what we do, from collections preservation to writing about local history topics to assisting researchers to giving tours to paying the bills and keeping up with government reporting requirements to maintaining the website. And much more. As you can see, we don’t sit around reading romance novels and periodically dusting the artifacts.

Here are some articles we’ve written concerning various museum operations:

1936-1996: Celebrating 60 Years of Preserving History

Appraising Your Antiques

Bequeathing Your Digital Data to Museums


Climate Change and History

Collections Stewardship at AAM

Crude Beginnings

Cyberspace Museum

Disaster Plan

Expectations & Considerations

Growing History

Guide to Sorting a Large Collection

History Is Boring!

History Is Not Comfortable

How to Build a Museum Exhibit in an Hour

Jan Warner Named First MCHS Director Emeritus

Making Judgments

MCHS Is the Credible Hulk

Measuring History

Museum Ethos

Not All of Us Are Little Grey-Haired Ladies!

Passion, Adventure, Intrigue

Practicing History

Preservation Goals


Searching Copyright

So We’re Here When You Need Us

Supporting the Museum


Tackling Big Issues at Small Museums

The Evolution of a Collection

The Gift of a Museum

The Pie Is More Divided

The Museum Is Switzerland

We Find Answers

What Do Museums Do?

What Does It Take to Research History?

What Good Are Museums?

Which Item Doesn’t Belong?

Why Isn’t My Thing on Exhibit?

Zombie Attack! Role Playing an Extreme Disaster Scenario in a Museum

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