Additions to the Website

I’ve been busy for the past couple of hours adding past newsletter articles to the website. Quite a few of them, in fact. While we don’t republish every scrap of info from our newsletters on the website, we do republish the main history, collections and museum life articles. Not only does posting these items bring new researchers our way, it makes it very convenient for staff to look up past articles by doing a quick search of our website, rather than paging through our hard copies.

To date, we’ve posted to the blog on the main section of our website (what you’re reading now) 358 times. We have 67 static pages on the main section, plus 129 static pages on the history section of the website. That, folks, is a LOT of Morrison County history data.

Today’s additions include one article under the Museum Life link (see left sidebar). It’s called So We’re Here When You Need Us. (Includes a drawing of Joe Historyheimer.)

The Preservation page includes the following new articles:

Caring for Brass & Bronze (Part I)

Caring for Brass & Bronze (Part II)

House-Naming Convention

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

In the history section of the website, I’ve added:

Census 2010 and Local Items: More Than Trivial under the General history page.

Avatars Are Nothing New has been added to the People page.

Happy reading!

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