Collections Carousel – Unidentified Herum Family Photograph

Unidentified Herum Family Photograph, circa 1915

This unidentified studio photograph belongs to a collection of photographs and miscellaneous items from the family of Stanley Herum.  The photograph possibly shows Stanley and three of his siblings – Hilda, Bertha and Chester.  Stanley was the son of Andrew and Ida Herum of Parker Township in Morrison County, Minnesota.  Andrew (1868-1941) was a farmer and cattle breeder who served as a Morrison County commissioner starting in 1908.  On August 12, 1900, Andrew married Ida Wentzel (b.1882) in Randall, Minnesota.  Andrew and Ida had five children – Hilda, Bertha, Stanley, Chester and Helen.

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  1. There were 6 children. The youngest is Severin Andrew Herum and he will be 88 years old this July.

  2. Great photo. Stanley was a first cousin of my grandfather Raymond Herum. Andrew grew up in High Lake TWP, Emmet County Iowa. He was a son of Peter and Bertha Herum born in Norway settled first in Wisconsin and moved to Emmet County Iowa. Many Herums live in Emmet county today. Happy birthday to Severin.

  3. iam jon herums first cousin my grandfather is joseph herum,raymonds brother .there parents were jacob and ina.jacob would be andrews brother,there are several more,would have to look it up.happy birthday severin, would like very much to meet you.

  4. Excited to see this picture. My grandmother was Helen Herum Williams, who wasnt pictured. I remember my Great Aunt Bert, Uncle Stanley and Uncle Sev well. Hilda and Chester both passed long before I was born, but my Grandmother spoke about all her family often and the names all mean a lot to me. This picture is a treasure and my Aunt Berta looks so much like I remember her face, just younger same as Stanley.

  5. Hi, Beth – Glad this photo made a connection for you. Can you tell us who is who in the picture? From the conversation and text beneath the photo, it looks like we have the names, but not which name belongs to each individual. If we can get those, we can consider this picture fully identified. Thanks!

    Mary Warner
    Museum Manager

  6. Hilda is sitting down in the middle front. Bertha is sitting on her left side. Stanley is standing on her right side, and Chester is standing behind her. My Grandmother loved her family very much and talked about her siblings, so this is like spending some time with her looking at this picture. Thank you again

    1. Hi Beth, Actually Aunt Bert is the one sitting in the middle and Aunt Hilda is the one on the left side. Aunt Hilda passed away in 1959, Aunt Bert, Uncle Stan and your Gram in 1983. Uncle Chester passed away when he was 8 or 9. My Dad, Severin is now 90.

      1. Also Uncle Stan is standing behind Aunt Bert and Uncle Chester is on the right side. Dad agrees with me.

  7. Thanks so much, Beth. We’ll add this to our information on the photo.
    Gosh, they’re such beautiful kids.

    Mary Warner

  8. This was vey interesting to see. My grandfather was Percy Herum, also a cousin of these siblings. his father was Jacob Herum. His grandparents were also Peter and Bertha Herum.

    Kent Wenzel
    Mankato, MN

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