Fees & policies of MCHS may change without notice. If you have questions, please contact us.

Conducting Research at the Museum

Visitors to The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum may do research at the facility with the assistance of staff. There is no admission fee to the museum, but researchers are charged for copies. Photocopy charges are as follows:

Black & white:

  • 20¢ = Letter-sized copy (8½ x 11)
  • 25¢ = Legal-sized copy (8½ x 14)
  • 35¢ = Ledger-sized copy (14 x 17)

Color (on standard paper):

  • $1.00 = Letter-sized copy (8½ x 11)
  • $1.50 = Legal-sized copy (8½ x 14)
  • $2.00 = Ledger-sized copy (14 x 17)

At the museum, researchers are asked to observe the following rules so that we may better preserve documents and artifacts.

  • Ask staff for the materials you want to see. Staff will refile them when you are finished.
  • Keep the material in the order and condition in which you find it. Remove one folder at a time from a box. Keep material in its folder.
  • Do not eat food or drink beverages while handling manuscripts, photos or artifacts.
  • Use clean hands when handling materials. When handling photos, wear cotton gloves provided by staff. Handle all materials carefully.
  • Use pencils for note taking.
  • Ask permission of staff before adding information to files.
  • Scanners and digital cameras are not allowed for reproducing photos or documents from the collections.

Staff Research

Morrison County Historical Society staff will do research for patrons. In order to make our search more efficient, please include as much information as possible with your request. (Full names, spouse’s name, maiden name, names of children, dates (at least year and month), and other identifying info).

Following are the fees for those who would like Historical Society staff to conduct research for them.

  • $25 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.
  • Copies are charged at the per-copy rate on top of the research fee.
  • Your bill will also include the cost of mailing your research.

No need to pre-pay for research. We’ll send a bill along with what we find. Payment of research fees can be made by cash, check or money order. If you would like an invoice that allows you to pay with credit or debit card, let us know with your research request.

If you’d like to get started, email us with your request. Be sure to include your full mailing address.

Photo Use Policy & Fees

The Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) has been entrusted with the permanent care of the photographs in its collections. Due to the popularity of this collection, we receive many requests for photo reproductions. In order to preserve and maintain our photo collection, MCHS has adopted a photo use policy and a set of fees related to reproduction and commercial use.

Photo Use Policy (Conditions for the Publication, Display, or Broadcast of Photographs)

MCHS has a Photo Use Policy for those who wish to use reproductions from our collections.

For both commercial and non-profit photo reproduction, the Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) requires that a ­Commercial/Public Use ­Permission Form be filled out and submitted prior to the reproduction of requested materials.  In ­addition to reproduction costs, MCHS may also charge a ­separate commercial use fee.  Those seeking permission to publish, display, or broadcast reproductions of photographs in the collections must complete the form prior to placing their order.  Please read the following conditions carefully.  Return the completed Permission Form to the Morrison County Historical Society, 2151 South Lindbergh Drive, PO Box 239, Little Falls, MN 56345.

1.  Credit must be given to the Morrison County Historical Society and the creator of the work, if known.
2.  The credit line for each photo will be supplied by MCHS. Credit lines must appear with the image or in a credit section of the work.
3.  If the copyright is still in effect, the publisher must seek permission from the creator of the work or his/her heirs.  MCHS will ­provide the creator’s name, if known.
4.  Federal Copyright Law prevents MCHS from reproducing photographs from books and other media which are protected by copyright law or from supplying copyrighted works to those MCHS has reason to believe will violate said laws.
5.  Permission to reproduce, publish, broadcast, or display a photograph from MCHS collections must be requested in writing via a completed ­Commercial/Public Use Permission Form.
6.  Possession of a photo from MCHS does not constitute permission to use it.
7.  Permission is for one-time use only.  The Morrison County Historical Society retains all rights to the works and they must not be used for any purpose other than that listed on the permission form. If a digital scan is requested, the “one-time use only” provision still applies.
8.  MCHS reserves the right to refuse to grant permission and/or provide photographic reproduction services to publishers and individuals who have not complied with its policies.
9.  Commercial users must pay the commercial use fee and reproduction fee in advance of receiving the photo reproductions.
10.  MCHS reserves the right to decline to reproduce fragile or restricted items.
11. MCHS will not provide negatives of photographs.
12.  In some cases, MCHS may request that one copy of printed works (books, brochures, magazines, newspaper articles or ads) be ­donated for its files.

Photo Reproduction Fees

Standard black & white and color photocopies of MCHS photos will be charged at the normal per copy rate. (See photocopy fees above.)

For a reproduction of a higher quality (i.e. photographic print), the cost will be determined by the individual project.

The fees for digital scans of photographs are as follows:

  • 75 or 150 dpi scan (jpeg format) – $5.00 per image
  • 300 dpi scan (jpeg format) – $10.00 per image

For scans that must meet other standards and formats, contact us.

Between 1 and 5 small digital scans can be sent by email. Digital scans of a higher quality or quantity will be recorded to a CD-RW provided by the Morrison County Historical Society. Cost of the CD-RW, on top of the per image scan, is $3.00 plus tax, if applicable. In order to maintain the integrity of our computer systems, we cannot accept blank CD-RWs from those requesting digital reproductions.

Commercial Use Fees

In addition to reproductions costs, those who intend to use MCHS photos for commercial purposes (i.e. advertising, book publishing, website, broadcasting, business display, etc.), will be charged a commercial use fee based on the type of use. For specific commercial use fees, please contact us.

The Commercial Use Fee does not apply to photos reproduced for personal use, for news items, or for non-profit or educational use.

Photo Use Request for Permission

For both commercial and non-commercial photo reproduction of a quality higher than a standard photocopy, the Morrison County Historical Society requires that a Commercial/Public Use ­Permission Form be filled out and submitted prior to the reproduction of requested materials. This form can be picked up at The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, or download and print the pdf version. Museum staff will assist in completing portions of the form.

Those seeking permission to use MCHS photos for commercial purposes must pay the Commercial Use Fee and turn in the Request for Permission Form prior to receiving their reproductions. MCHS staff will provide a copy of the completed form to those ordering reproductions.

If you have further questions about MCHS’ Photo Use Policies and fees, please contact us.

11 Replies to “Fees & Policies”

  1. I plan to do research at the museum on November 20th on men who died in WWII from Little Minnesota: 100 Towns Around 100. I am looking for obituaries and other information on men from Hillman and Lastrup. Would it be helpful to send the names of the men before I come? Thanks for your help.
    Jill Johnson

    1. Jill, What a great topic! You do not have to send names of the men you will be researching ahead of your visit. Staff will be on-site ready to help you when you stop at the museum. See you next week. Ann Marie, Curator of Collections

  2. Hi there, i am trying to delve into finding more info about some associated family from maybe the 1870-1920 time period. Including: Vaneps, Rounds, Hollenbeck, Barnhart, and Mooers families.

    Also possibly minor connections to the Simmons, Clark and Ainsworth families.

    How might I set up a specific request and set up payment?

    Thanks Much, Aaron

    1. Aaron, You can send a research request via email, regular mail or by phone. We do research on the honor system and would send you a Research Response Form, which also serves as a bill, with any information that we find. Thanks for asking! Ann Marie

  3. I am considering research that would involve taking photos of the front page of the local paper from the date WW I was declared, and photos of several of local advertisements from the inside of the paper for historical context. Would these be photos of artifacts? These would be placed in a non commercial PowerPoint. How does the society handle this?


    Jon van der Hagen

  4. William Morrison – Fur Trader Hi, I would like to have the history on William Morrison – Fur Trader . This is my husband gggggrandfather. If you have picture and infor. I love what was written in the( William Morrison – Fur Trader) I would like a copy of this . Thank you for help Jan

    1. Hi, Jan – From your comment, it appears you have found the article we have online about William Morrison. Link here: http://morrisoncountyhistory.org/?page_id=404

      Have you tried printing off a copy of the article from our website? If it comes out wonky on your printer or you are seeking further info (including a photo) on William, send us a formal research request via email. Our email address is contactstaff@morrisoncountyhistory.org.

      Please provide your mailing address and the amount you are willing to spend on research with your request. Thanks!

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

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