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There are two ways to conduct research at The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum. Researchers can visit the museum during regular business hours to do their own research, or they can hire museum staff to research for them. See our Fees & Policies page for research costs, then send us an email with your question(s). Staff will let you know if we need more info before we proceed.

Growing Our Research Resources

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  1. My name is Debra Sharkey and I live in Kamloops, BC Canada. My Mom is Simone Doucette and we are decendants of Germain Doucet and Marie Bourgeois. My Grandpa is Donat Doucette and Belle Prairie is his birth place 06-02 1897. I would love to have a copy of the Doucet book you have or any other information and photos. What ever you could share would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks Debra. The Doucette/Doucet and Bourgeois names are well known in Morrison County. We have six Doucet/Doucette books in our Family Histories collection, including “Germain Doucet and Francis Marie Bourgeois”.
      Ann Marie

  2. Looking for information about St. Otto’s Orphanage. My grandmother (Mary Irene Meagher; b: 26 Oct 1901) and her two sisters (Margaret Mary Meagher; b: 30 Jan 1900) and (Josephine Mabel Meagher; b: 1 Oct 1897) and brother (George Harold Meagher; b: 1898) were all “inmates” of the orphanage around the time of 1904-1910. In search of why their parents (John W. Meagher and Charlotte (Lottie) (nee: Fredenburg) Meagher) placed them in the orphanage, when placed, and how long they stayed, and any other associated information available. This has been quite a family story and one I’d like to get as much clarification on as possible. Appreciate your assistance. Thanks, MCF

      1. Do you know if there are records from the orphanage to search for? If so, what would they possibly contain? Hoping for dates of admission, reasons for admission, possible progress reports, and dates of departure. This has been a real curiosity in family lore. Thanks, MCF

  3. My father, Ralph Litchy, owned Litchy Nash Company in LIttle Falls and I grew up in Little Falls. He sold his business which became Twoomey’s Truck Stop at first and the building’s last iteration was Jason’s Supper Club. A fires on Jul 18, 2008 destroyed the building. I am looking for information about the fires and photos of the fire. What was in the local newspaper? Can anyone help??

    1. Alice, Thanks for the comment. We would be happy to help you find information. If you have not already done so, please visit the Fees & Policies section of our website. This will give you a list of research fees and resources. If you are able to visit the museum to do the research yourself, the only charge would be for any photocopies you might have made. Otherwise we do have a research service available for your use. Just let us know!
      Staff at MCHS

  4. Any one know of any books by Martin Richa
    in english of many families from Poland that settled in Morrson cty

    1. Hello Albert! We do have books by Martin Richau in our archives, however they are all in German. I’m unaware of any copies that may have been translated into English, but someone may know at some point and reply to your comment.

      If there is any information you’re interested in with those books in particular, we may be able to help you at the museum. (I can read German relatively well!) We do charge a research fee, $25 per hour of research along with a small fee for copies and shipping. Feel free to email us at if that interests you and we’ll go from there!

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Grace Duxbury
      Museum Manager

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