County history museums have some of the most varied artifact collections of any type of museum because their goal is to capture the complete way of life in a county. This encompasses how and where people live, the businesses they run (logging, general merchandise, millineries, granite quarrying, etc.), the types of things people use (clothing, accessories, tools, furnishings, etc.), transportation (railroad, automobiles and highways, on foot or horseback, etc.), the institutions that form a society (churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages, governments, etc.), how people feed themselves (agriculture, canneries, grocery stores, etc.) and many other aspects of daily life.

The Morrison County Historical Society is no different from other county history museums. The majority of our collections span from the mid-1800s to the 1950s. Our collections include items from all of the above-mentioned subjects and more. A sampling of MCHS artifact collections include dishes, clothing, wooden water pipes, arrow points, hats, a cigar factory, log stamps, flour sacks, quilts, sheet music, business ledgers, Bibles, clocks, agricultural implements, baskets, a butter maker’s uniform, mattresses made during the Works Progress Administration, kitchen utensils, a concertina, dolls, and travelling bags.

This list barely touches the surface of MCHS’ collections. A small percentage of our artifacts are on display at any given time. Most of them are stored in the museum’s collections management areas using current preservation practices so that they may be kept without damage or deterioration. Artifacts in storage are used periodically as pieces in MCHS Showcase Exhibits. They may also be used by researchers interested in studying them.

Researchers who would like to study MCHS artifacts should be aware that it takes time for staff to retrieve artifacts and should contact MCHS to make the appropriate arrangements. If there is an item in collections storage that you’d like to see, call at least 24 hours in advance of your visit.

Artifact Care

If you’d like professional assistance with caring for an item in your personal collection, or with finding archivally safe storage options, contact us.

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  1. Is it possible for your staff to query the Yasgar Family associated with any artifacts in your collections? Bartholomew Yasgar and Johanna Lijewska Yasgar are the relatives I am researching…many thanks!

    Susan Kedzie (Kendzierska)

    1. Susan, Thank you for the question. While our collections are not entirely documented, a few Yasgar family names did come up – Roman, Mike, Bonnie Mae and Adeline. Roman donated a copper bull nose ring, an ice saw and a pair of ice tongs in 1970. His address is listed as Little Falls. Mike donated a photograph of the Home Guard in 1938. Mike’s was one of the first pieces added to the MCHS collections. Hope that helps! Ann Marie

  2. I am interested in information anyone would have concerning Lowry Resort on Sullivan Lake. My Aunt and Uncle, Mildred and Al Stanger, owned the resort but sold it to retire. I understand it has gone to ruin. I tried to find it a few years ago but found no one to ask as to the location. Things had changed since my childhood. I spent a week there in the cabins every summer in the 60’s and have wonderful memories. I would love to have a picture of the entire outside of the resort, the interior and the cabins. My pictures show bits and pieces of it because they were of family members. No one thought to take a picture of the resort or cabins as a whole. I hope to visit MN again and this time will stay closer by at one of the area rental cabins.

  3. Hi, Rebecca – Ren Holland wrote a book (published in 2013) called “The Early Resorts of Minnesota.” It is a compilation of info on hundreds of resorts in Minnesota, including some photos. Ren’s parents used to own a resort, so this is a special area of interest for him. The Lowry Resort is listed on page 92. The info given is as follows: “Lowry Resort. 5 hskpg. cabins, boats. Fishing, swimming, good beach.” I don’t know if Ren has further information, but if you are interested in his book or in contacting him, check out his website:

    Thanks for your comment!

    Mary Warner
    Executive Director

  4. What would you have on the Degesse/LaGesse family? Is there any history of this family or the farms, lumber mill or thrashing operation? Just wondering if a trip to Morrison county would be fruitful….

  5. Trying to find information on a country schoolhouse near Swanville. Culdrum Schoolhouse?? I would love any information you have, i.e., articles, pictures of it inside and out. Thank you.
    My dad went to school there so the location or map would be helpful as well. Need to know if he really did walk “up hill, in the snow, on one foot” for a mile. Lol.

    1. Good morning, Jolene!

      I spoke with David this morning and emailed him what we had on the McClintick family. If you like, I can forward you that information as well.

      Grace Duxbury
      Museum Manager

  6. What do you know about Professor Winterquist? Apparently, his family spent some time in Morrison County. I don’t suppose you have a picture of Albert Leonard Winterquist? I think the picture I have of “Professor Winterquist” and Albert may be the same person. Your thoughts? Thanks!


    1. Wanda-

      Unfortunately, we do not have any photos of the Winterquist family, and our family file only contains an obituary for the wife of Carl Winterquist.

      Grace Duxbury
      Museum Manager

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