To Move to Morrison County

The following What’s It Like essay was left on our Getting Started page as a comment. It seems more appropriate to add it to the stream of essays. Thanks, Marlene, for submitting this! – Mary Warner, MCHS Museum Manager

What’s it is like to move to Morrison County
I lived in St. Paul and Hastings almost 45 years. That is until I met my future husband. He was a blind date from Royalton. We dated long distance for all most 3 months. Phone bills added up and the drive on Friday and back home on Sunday became very tireing for us.

We decided one of us had to make the move. Since I lived in an apartment and he had his own home, I was the one.

What was it going to be like? I am leaving 45 years worth of friends,, and relatives. My son just graduated from college and he decided to make the move with me. He left for the small town of Royalton one monthth before I did, because he found a job. Something I would need to to do. I found a job at the local bank in Little Falls. One Friday on my return to work after my lunch hour I decided to buy myself some flowers. I stopped in at the Flower Dell. As I entered the store I went directly to the flower case. This lady came up to me and ask if she could help. When I looked at her she commented on how much I looked like her old 8th grade school friend from Hastings. And when I looked up I realized she was Pat Quinn (Anderson) back then.

My move to Morrison County truely was a good thing.

-Marlene Olesch

Submitted November 5, 2011

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  1. I know the feeling of moving after so many years in one place Marlene. I also agree with you wholeheartedly that moving to M.C. was truly a good thing.


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