21 New Articles Added to MCHS Website

From dolls to whistles, climate change to immigration, logging dams to canning shortages, and much more, we’ve added 21 new articles to the Morrison County Historical Society website.

We’ve been operating our website since 2002 and we’re up to 754 blog posts (including this one) and 300 pages, along with photos and PDF documents too numerous to count.

That’s a lot of history, but we won’t run out of Morrison County history anytime soon. The history here is so deep and long that it is endless … and that’s a good thing!

Our latest batch of articles:

Unsolved: Disappearance of Harold Tidd

St. Otto’s Orphan Asylum

E. I. Horsman Company “Brother” Doll

The Courage of Their Convictions: Not Standing Up for the Pledge of Allegiance

Pete Liljedahl: Little Falls’ Coach & World War I Hero

Kiewel Copper Steam Whistle

Platte River Log Drives & Dams

Measuring History

Lincoln Elementary School, 1914

Morrison County & World War II: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Lynching in Morrison County, Minnesota

Why Save Manuscripts?

What Was Artrain?

Climate Change and History

Jan Warner Named First MCHS Director Emeritus

The Great Canning Shortage of 1975

Those Aren’t Our Townships!

New Deal-Era Public Work Projects, Long-Lasting or Not?

Laura Jane Moyer

Bridging the Cultural Divide

Little Elk Heritage Preserve Collection

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