We Want Your Business History

We get a lot of researchers here at the Weyerhaeuser Museum. Often, they are looking for genealogical information, but encompassed within that, they want to know something about the businesses their relatives owned.

For the number of businesses that have operated in Morrison County since its inception in 1856 (and before, with the fur traders, loggers, dam builders, & etc.), our collections tend to be pretty sketchy when in comes to most businesses.

While we might not be able to capture all the business info we’d like for those organizations that have passed into history, we certainly can try our best to capture the history of those businesses currently in existence. To that end, we have created a Business History Form, which we would like business owners (or those related to business owners) to fill out and turn in to the Morrison County Historical Society. (Keep a copy for your records!)

We know that people are busy, so the form is only one page long and only asks for summary information. Business owners are encouraged to donate copies of promotional materials to MCHS along with a copy of the form. Future researchers will be happy to have the information.

The Business History Form can also be accessed via the Preservation page on this portion of our website and on the Business/Industry page of the History section of the website.

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