Use Razoo/GiveMN to Donate to MCHS

I’ve been a busy camper today. If you’ve been following our tweets, you’ll have a hint about one big project I’ve been working on. I hate to be secretive, but we want to make sure everything is in order before releasing the particulars on the project. Word will be out soon, so keep checking back.

The other project I’ve been involved with today is signing MCHS up for The Minnesota Community Foundation, where we have our endowments, is one partner in GiveMN, a new online giving portal for nonprofits throughout the state. GiveMN , which is a part of the network, officially launches in November. We’ve received several notices encouraging us to sign up for GiveMN so that we can provide donors with a convenient way to make donations.

The program sounds like a good one from the standpoint of both donors and their chosen nonprofits. It’s easy to use and donors are given the ability to track their contributions.

I’ve added a “Donate Now” button to the upper right sidebar, which will take you to our Razoo page. When GiveMN officially launches, I’ll be interested to see how it works with Razoo.

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