Morrison County Influentials: 131-135

Last week’s Influentials: 126. Gilly Maus (1947- 2010). Musician, Farmer. Gilbert “Gilly” Maus was born in Little Falls, Minnesota, to Albert and Alma (Heinen) Maus. Maus is the founder of the Morrison County band, The Country Polkateers. Formed in 1972, the band was named 2008 Band of the Year by…

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Morrison County Influentials: 36-40

31. The Louisville Syndicate – A group of businessmen from Louisville, Kentucky, the Louisville Syndicate was responsible for building a new and more structurally sound dam in Little Falls, Minnesota, in 1887. One of the businessmen, I. N. Hubbert, is believed to be a relative of C. H. Hubbert, who…

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Morrison County Influentials: 26-30

Last week’s Morrison County Influentials: 21. George Harting. Artist and photographer. George Harting was born in 1877 in Little Falls, Minnesota, where his parents owned the Harting & Sons Furniture Store. In 1890, Harting & Sons was chosen to oversee the building of the Little Falls City Hall. George attended…

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