November Map of the Month

November’s Map of the Month is a hand-drawn map showing the location of school houses in Morrison County, Minnesota.  The map appears to have been traced from an original published version with the school house locations added in orange-brown ink.  The map is titled, “Outline Map of Morrison County Minnesota”, and is dated August 10, 1907.  The name of the school superintendent at the time, M. E. Barnes, is listed under the title.  Perhaps this map was produced by a staff member at the superintendent’s office.  Based on the number of orange-brown squares that are shown on the map, there was a plethora of school houses in Morrison County in 1907.  If you can’t quite remember where your particular school house was located or just have a school house mania, come in and take a look.  The map will be on display throughout the month of November in the Rosenmeier Research Room.

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