Morrison County Influentials: 131-135

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126. Gilly Maus (1947- 2010). Musician, Farmer. Gilbert “Gilly” Maus was born in Little Falls, Minnesota, to Albert and Alma (Heinen) Maus. Maus is the founder of the Morrison County band, The Country Polkateers. Formed in 1972, the band was named 2008 Band of the Year by the Minnesota Ballroom Operators Association. Gilly plays the concertina, guitar and sings. Gilly married Joyce Olson in 1976. Joyce, who is also a founding member of the group, plays bass, rhythm guitar and sings. The band is featured routinely on Polka Spotlight, which is aired in the Twin Cities on the cable TV network. The band plays throughout the state and has played in Germany during Oktoberfest. Gilly and Joyce have five children. Daughter, Jenny Meyer, currently plays trumpet in the band and son, Jim, plays drums.

127. R. B. Millard. Educator. Ralph B. Millard established the Little Falls Business College in Little Falls during the summer of 1904. Millard was the principal and proprietor of the school. The Little Falls Business College offered a practical business education for those students who wanted to continue their education but did not want to teach. Courses that were offered by the college included business, shorthand, salesmanship, and civil service. The college also had an employment department that assisted students with finding jobs. By the time the 1928 Morrison County Directory was published, the school was no longer in operation. Millard was one of the early automobile owners in the county and served as the State Secretary for the Minnesota Jefferson Highway Association.

128. Austin F. Koslosky (1871-1953). Businessman. Austin F. Koslosky was born in Poland to Martin and Pauline (Kowalewski) Kozlowski. The family moved to the United States in 1873, settling in Carver County, Minnesota. In 1898, Koslosky came to Little Falls and worked at the St. Paul Store until 1903, when he became manager of The Emporium in Royalton, Minnesota. In 1904, Koslosky moved back to Little Falls and organized the Victor Clothing company. Koslosky operated the business until 1931, when he turned management over to his son, Oswald. Koslosky remained in the business until his retirement in 1951. Koslosky was a member of the Little Falls School board from 1920 until 1936, served on the Little Falls City Council for three terms and was a member of the Morrison County Agricultural Association. Koslosky served on the board of directors of the First National Bank and was president of the Morrison County chapter of the American Red Cross from 1917 until 1926. He was also one of the incorporators of the Black Granite Company and the Northland Shoe Factory and helped to locate the Garment Works in Little Falls. Koslosky married Caroline Masog in Little Falls in 1900. Austin and Caroline had four children – Oswald, Loretta, Ione and Mildred.

129. Mike Schulte (1915-2007). Businessman. Michael “Mike” Theoden Schulte was born in Stearns County, Minnesota, to Bernard and Margaret (Schrammel) Schulte. Schulte is the founder of Little Falls Machine, Inc., a family-owned business that is currently the Midwest’s largest supplier of truck and motor grader mounted snow handling equipment. Products sold by the company include plows, snow wings, spreaders, scrapers, hitches and lifts. Little Falls Machine originated in Royalton, Minnesota, when Schulte opened a steel fabricating and repair shop there in 1939. After a fire in 1942, the company moved to Little Falls. Schulte, who was also known as “Iron Mike”, owned and operated the business until he retired in 1980. Schulte married Theresa Reller in 1941. Mike and Theresa had three children – Ray, Greg and Margaret.  Schulte serve in the United State Army during World War II in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

130. I. E. Staples (1859-1942). Jeweler, Businessman, Politician. Isaac Edwin Staples was born in Kanabec County, Minnesota, to George and Emily H. Staples. In 1880, Staples moved to Little Falls from Delano, Minnesota, and opened a jewelry store. Staples also worked as a real estate business manager with John H. Rhodes in the firm of Rhodes & Staples. In 1895, Staples became the business manager of the Transcript Publishing Company, opened a general store in Little Falls and a general merchandise store in Randall. The Randall store included logs, hardwood lumber, cordwood and ties. In 1900, Staples also had a saw mill near Sullivan Lake. Staples served as justice of the peace, clerk of court, Little Falls city councilman and mayor of Little Falls (1893-1894). He was also one of the organizers of the city’s first brass band. Staples had three wives. His first wife, Minnie Chance, lived in Delano. Staples and Minnie had three children – Cora Maie, F. E. and Fannie. Staples married his second wife, Gertrude Hilborn (see Morrison County Influentials #35) in 1888. Staples and Gertrude had two children – Celia and George. Staples and Gertrude were separated in March of 1900 and divorced soon after. Staples married his third wife, Pearl Shorey, shortly after his divorce and moved to Portland, Oregon where he opened a jewelry store and became a state senator. Staples and Pearl had three children – Herbert Carpenter, Pearl and Isaac E. Jr.

This week’s Influentials:

131. J. C. Patience

132. Carl Bolander

133. Gerald W. Massey

134. Andrew Fenn

135. Franklin Pierce Farrow

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