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4 Replies to “Shop”

  1. I have found your page extremeling interesting and saveing me days of research my last request.I am looking at the cost of a single grave say in the early 90’s and what the cost would be now,I have 3 graves I wish tp sell.A double and a single.hopefully you can get back to be asap that I may conclude this piece of business.Thanl you Donna Stempg Giese daughger of Norman and Georgianna Johnson Stempfl

    1. Hi, Donna – We tried to reply to you via email, but couldn’t get the email to go through, so are replying here.

      Unfortunately, we don’t buy or sell graves. Have you tried contacting the cemetery where the graves are located to see how they deal with this? Surely, the organization running the cemetery has some sort of policy or procedure on repurchasing graves.

      Thanks for dropping us a line,

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  2. Hi 🙂 I would like to know if you have a book for sale called “Grandma, Tell Us A Story,” by Ruth Theis Bollig. I would love to purchase it.

    1. Hi, Peggy – I believe we have that book in our Archives as part of our collection, but we don’t have any copies for sale in our gift shop. If you can’t find a copy but need to reference it, give us a call at the museum to set up an appointment to view it. Thanks!

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

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