Links of Interest

We try to keep our eyes open for links that may be of interest to people researching Morrison County history. Sometimes those links land in our laps. Woot! We’ve had a few do the latter over the past week, so without further adieu …

Marlys Sebasky passed along a link to The Hubert Bares Family web page. This is one of the many families that ended up in the vicinity of Pierz, Minnesota, via Cross Plains, Wisconsin.

Marlys received a couple of other links from a friend that she passed along to us. One is a Linkpendium page of Morrison County surnames. The other was a link to the Google Books version of The History of Morrison & Todd Counties, Minnesota, by Clara Fuller, which I blogged about in January 2009, but is definitely worth repeating.

Through the Minnesota Historical Society’s library e-newsletter, I learned of Land Survey Field Notes from 1848 to 1907 that are available for purchase through the MHS website.

In doing some research on the Morrison County government’s website, I discovered that the site had been redesigned. The site is much more visually appealing, but the history page could be beefed up. It’s mostly filled with demographic information.

If you know of any interesting resources that contain Morrison County history online, send me the link in the comments section. (Don’t try to send more than one or two links at a time, or our blog will think you’re a spambot and will throw your comments in our spam folder, where they might get lost.)

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