Closeup of frosty white pine branch, January 2020.

2022 Winter Hike Scavenger Hunt Answers

For those who took part in the 2022 Winter Hike Scavenger Hunt between The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, and the Charles A. Lindbergh House and Museum, here are the answers to the scavenger hunt questions:

Lindbergh State Park

What year was the big white pine hit by lightning? — 1986

How many gallons of water did the water tower hold? — 5,000

What year was the old park shelter built? — 1936

Lindbergh House & Museum

When did the Lindbergh family donate the home and property to the state of MN? — 1931

How many acres did the original Lindbergh farm encompass? — 110

What government entity granted the historic home national landmark status in 1977? — National Park Service

Weyerhaeuser Museum

What is Charles Weyerhaeuser’s middle initial? — A  (It stands for Augustus)

What color are the Weyerhaeuser Museum’s front doors? — Orange

What type of pine is the Big Pine on the Mississippi River bank of the Weyerhaeuser Museum property? — White pine

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