Screen shot of Minnesota Reflections' home page, July 2, 2020.

Morrison County Plat Books & Other Resources at MN Reflections

Each month MCHS gets an email that lets us know how many visitors viewed the resources we have on Minnesota Reflections, the collection of digitized artifacts created by the Minnesota Digital Library with contributions “from 197 historical societies, libraries, archives, and cultural organizations across Minnesota.”  We received that email this morning which reminded me about our resources there, along with all the many other wonderful items from around the state. With over 55,000 items, this is an online treasure trove for those researching Minnesota history.

Screen shot of Minnesota Reflections' home page, July 2, 2020.
Screen shot of Minnesota Reflections’ home page, July 2, 2020.

MCHS has 4 plat books available at Minnesota Reflections, ranging from 1892 to 1912. We also have a sampling of early tourism-related booklets. You will find these items if you visit the Browse by Contributor section of Minnesota Reflections and search for the Morrison County Historical Society.

Another major collection we contributed, which you will find under Browse by Format, is the early Pierz Journal newspaper, roughly from 1908/09 through 1923/24.

If you’ve got some time, check out these resources and so much more at Minnesota Reflections. Try not to get lost! Or, if you do, enjoy yourself on the journey!

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