Just about a week to wait for the quilt show to arrive.  It’s getting exciting thinking about all those beautiful quilts and other quilted articles that are going to be hanging in the museum along with the museum’s displays.  Our east aisle has a new display on music and the technology of sound.  Check out the different radios, one a 1946 Philco with a pull down record player; a Magnus Electric Chord Organ, c.1940-1960; Gemeinhardt Flute and Case,  c.1980’s; Violin & Case with Bow and Chin Rest, c.1907-1927;  Magnavox Radio &  8-Track Tape Player, c. 1970; Clarinet & Case; drums, shaker eggs, tambourine, claves, maracas,  photos of bands, records Laverne & Her Starlites, The Polka Beats and others, band uniforms and the list goes on and on .  We are looking forward to seeing all the happy faces that look forward to this event.  Stop in and browse around, there’s no charge.

~ Alice Smuda

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