To Be a Packer Fan

Although I am not a big sports fan, I have followed the Green Bay Packers since childhood. I lived in Ohio from birth until after high school. I then attended college in Minnesota, where I met my husband. After we were married we moved to Wisconsin, where we lived for 31 years. He was always a Vikings fan.

Upon moving to Morrison County, I continued my allegiance to the Packers … that is, until Brett Favre joined the Vikings. For those two years I wore a Brett Favre pink #4 shirt. Since he is no longer with the team, I am wearing my Packer colors again. I only wear the shirt for game day, when we get together with friends.

While most people living here are Viking fans, I have found a few who are fellow Packer-backers. Walking into the grocery, the first person I met commented on my attire in a joking negative sort of way. A young worker in the store joined the conversation, saying he and his family were also Packer fans. For his mother’s birthday, he wanted to get her a package trip to Lambeau Field, with tailgating and a seat in a special suite with all the amenities. He said this cost over $300 per person. I said, “That’s a lot of money,” but he was still wanting to do this for his mother.

During the game, another person and I were the only Packer fans. When the Packers were not being very successful, some chiding, negative remarks were made – all in jest. But soon the tide of the game turned and the two of us were giving encouraging gestures to each other.

While the majority of fans in Morrison County are Viking fans, they seem to tolerate a little rivalry well, making the game fun for all.

Pam G.

October 24, 2011

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