23 Things on a Stick – Thing 6

I actually messed around with Thing 6 while I was working on Thing 5 because the two Things are very much related. In fact, I’d say Thing 6 was a continuation of Thing 5. Both were about experimenting with different ways to use your photos. While Thing 5 was about mashups, Thing 6 had us exploring online image generators.

I tried one of the services 23 Things suggested, an Andy Warhol-esque (Warholizer) image generator from Big Huge Labs, which allowed me to add a message to one of a pre-selected group of images.

The good thing about Big Huge Labs, at least with what I tried, is that I didn’t have to sign up for either service in order to play with them. I didn’t even have to have a Flickr account as the Warholizer allowed me to upload an image directly from my computer.


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  1. Did you try using ToonDoo on Thing 6? You can make your own cartoons! I made one advertising our upcoming Edible Book Festival. How fun!

    Keep working through the Things, I like to see what you have done!

    LeAnn Suchy
    CMLE 23 Things Coach

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