Cold Enough For You?

As the radio keeps announcing windchill warnings and high temperatures remaining below zero in our area for today, I have been skimming through a publication from the 1920s that portrays winter in Morrison County as not all that cold. I don’t know about you, but the temperature of seventeen below this morning with a windchill added on top of that seemed pretty cold to me. Published by the people of Morrison County as a promotional piece to encourage prospective farmers, the booklet covers a variety of topics related the county’s suitability for agriculture. Below are a few excerpts related to weather from the section titled, “Climate and Health”.

    No state in the Union possesses a more healthful climate than Minnesota, and Morrison County being slightly south of the center of the state from North to South, is not subject to the rather severe cold sometimes experienced in the extreme north section of the state.

    The climate is healthful, invigorating and bracing. The summers are warm but not excessively so. The temperature averages about 70 degrees in summer and the nights are invariably cool and restful.

    Morrison County winters are dry and invigorating and the air is clear and is without the damp chill of states farther south.

    The late falls are beautiful. Snow does not generally begin to fall until late in November or early in December. Then, gradually, winter approaches, the snow becomes general and remains on the ground until the latter part of March. The winters are not severe enough to prevent stock from being out during the greater part of the cold period. There is also a noticeable absence of sleet and slush which is so disagreeable to both man and beast in somewhat warmer climates.

If you would like to read more, please feel free to come out and visit us at the museum or request photocopies. Donated by Clara L. Jenkins, the booklet is titled “Morrison County Minnesota: The Domain of Better Farms”.

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  1. Hi Ann Marie,
    Before moving to Little Falls, we visited Ben’s family every summer or fall since 1957 and one Christmas in 1994. I found the above to be true for most of those years, except one July 4th it got really cold and the high was in the 30’s. The stores were not air conditioned during a lot of those years and we loved the pleasant temperatures during the summer (except that one 4th of July) where windows could be open and no sounds of any air conditioners running. So nice to lie in bed at night listening to all the outdoor night sounds and maybe reaching for a blanket during the night. During the later years of visiting, much to our surprise, we could see a definite change in the MN weather with hotter summers and air conditioning in stores and homes. Moving here in 1997 we now find the summers more like the summers in my hometown of Maryland…hot and humid. Of course, it got a bit too cold for comfort this winter for us….brrrr….come on Spring!


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