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Valentine’s Day Cards of Sylvia Moran, 1930. (1990.49.7.J & 1990.49.7.I)



These charming New Deal-era Valentine’s Day cards were given to Sylvia Moran, a young Morrison County teacher, by Marguerite and John Bellamy. Marguerite and John grew up in Morrison County, Minnesota, and were probably Sylvia’s students. Donated to the Morrison County Historical Society in 1990, they are part of a large collection of Valentine’s Day cards and personal letters acquired by Sylvia prior to her marriage to Joseph Bentler on June 16, 1932, at the Holy Family Church in Belle Prairie, Minnesota. Sylvia was born in Belle Prairie on October 10, 1909, to David and Sephronie Guertin Moran. After graduating from Little Falls High School in 1926, she attended normal school and taught for four years. Joseph and Sylvia had five children and farmed in Parker Township until 1970 when they moved to Little Falls, Minnesota.

Verse on card with girl in green dress (1990.49.7.J):

I know that lots of Valentines

Will find their way to you

I’ll add my own to that long list

If you will allow me to.


Verse on card with girl and boy (1990.49.7.I):

Will you be my Valentine?

No one else will do;

‘Cause you’re the only

one I want,

I hope you love me, too.

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