Survey – How do you want to be notified by MCHS?

We produce a newsletter for members 4 times a year at the Morrison County Historical Society. Because we like to include articles that are heavy on research, it can take some time to produce the newsletter, particularly when staff is also engaged in events, exhibit-building, tours, and other daily museum activities.

That means that sometimes we have difficulty using the newsletter to get word out in a timely fashion about our upcoming events & programs. Naturally, we also release notices of our events & programs through other channels, like the website, Facebook, press releases and an e-newsletter, however we are not sure which of those is most effective in terms of people hearing about our programs.

So, we’re putting the question to you via this Survey Monkey poll. How do you prefer to be notified about MCHS events and programs?

Fill out the survey here. (It’s only 1 question!)

Thanks for your feedback!

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