Collections Carousel – Rain Gauge from La Fond Building Supplies, Inc., Circa 1970

Rain Gauge from La Fond Building Supplies, Inc.
Rain Gauge from La Fond Building Supplies, Inc., Circa 1970

Minnesotan’s love to talk about weather – “Did you notice how warm it was the other day?” “Man is it windy.” “I wonder when we’ll get some rain.” A premium, or giveaway, from LaFond Building Supplies, Inc. of Little Falls, this rain gauge would have been a welcome gift to locals who shopped at the business. LaFond Building Supplies was owned and operated by Marcel LaFond (1913-1998). Marcel started LaFond General Construction Company and LaFond Building Supplies after returning to Little Falls following studies at Hibbing Jr. College and Dunwoody Institute for architectural drafting. Marcel’s construction work experience included building an air base in South Hampton Island and the atomic project in Hartford, Washington. Among the landmark structures he worked on in Little Falls were construction of St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Lindbergh Interpretive Center at the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site and renovation of the Pine Edge Inn and the Chapel on the Franciscan Sisters campus.

Morrison County residents have been measuring rainfall for decades. The generous water resources of the area were crucial to the formation of the county and continue to play an important role today. As our understanding of the need for a clean and abundant water supply continues to grow, more of us will be wanting to measure this precious asset and just might find ourselves rummaging through basements, garages or other storage facilities for a rain gauge like this one from La Fond Buildings Supplies, Inc. of Little Falls.

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