Help Wanted – Custodian/Groundskeeper

The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum/Morrison County Historical Society has a position opening for a custodian/groundskeeper, 8-10 hours per week, to clean and maintain the museum’s specialized environment. Pick up an application at The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, 2151 Lindbergh Drive South, Little Falls, Minnesota, during museum hours, Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. applications are due Friday, October 30, 2015.


Custodian/Groundskeeper Position Description

Morrison County Historical Society


October 2015


The Morrison County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and sharing of Morrison County’s history. It owns and operates The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum in Little Falls, MN. (


The primary goal of museum housekeeping is preventive conservation.


The museum building provides a specialized environment for the artifacts, documents and photos in our collection, in addition to serving the public. Due to these factors, proper custodial care is of the utmost importance. This position will require the employee to learn and apply the principles required for the proper care of a museum environment, including the grounds. The custodian/groundskeeper is an integral part of the museum team, but must be self-motivated and able to work alone. Flexibility, attention to detail, mechanical experience, and a high degree of integrity are important qualities for this position.


Physical requirements for this position include frequent movement, ascending and descending a ladder, positioning one’s self in order to carry out tasks, using a variety of tools, and the ability to move up to 50 pounds. This position requires regular work indoors in a climate-controlled environment and outdoors in various weather conditions.


Custodial Duties


Duties to be performed by the Custodial Staff, using only approved products, are as indicated below.


I     Daily

  1. Be sure all public areas are clean and free of dust and cobwebs.
  2. Check light fixtures and replace any burned out light bulbs.


II   Weekly

  1. Dust mop all floors.
  2. Vacuum rugs and carpeted areas.
  3. Clean bathrooms.
  4. Check and fill paper towel and soap dispensers.
  5. Dust all cabinets and surfaces.
  6. Check exhibit cases and clean as needed.
  7. Empty wastebaskets.


III  Monthly

  1. Damp mop hallways.
  2. Mop kitchen and bathroom floors.


IV  As Needed

  1. Remove large trash bags and recyclables.
  2. Buff wood floors (except Research Room floor).
  3. Sweep Workroom, Furnace Room, and Collections Rooms 1 & 2.
  4. Report any needed maintenance and/or repairs.
  5. Dust light fixtures.
  6. Oil woodwork (fall best time).
  7. Wash windows.
  8. Wash storm windows (remove, clean and replace).
  9. Clean kitchen.
  10. Clean fireplace.
  11. Miscellaneous duties as assigned.



Groundskeeping Duties


I     Daily

  1. Be sure grounds in general are neat and clean.
  2. Be sure porch and patios are neat and clean.
  3. Be sure parking lot is neat and clean.


II   Weekly

  1. Check garbage on porch and empty as needed.
  2. Check light fixtures and replace any burned out light bulbs.
  3. Water plants as needed.


II   As Needed

  1. Trim brush.
  2. Prune branches.
  3. Clear weeds and leaves from patio, courtyard, front entry and parking lot.
  4. Wash windows.
  5. Wash storm windows (remove, clean and replace).
  6. Clean fountain of debris. Fill fountain with water. Prepare fountain for winter.
  7. Shovel snow. Remove snow from roof as needed.
  8. Clean light fixtures.
  9. Set outside light timers.
  10. Check HVAC equipment area for debris and clutter.
  11. Report any needed maintenance and/or repairs.
  12. Miscellaneous duties as assigned.


This job description is subject to change at any time.



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