#Weymu40 – Where the Rooms All Have Names

Did you know that the rooms in The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum all have names?

Yes, most of the names are generic, like Archive, Work Room, Collections Room I & II, Kitchen, Front Desk, and Director’s Office, but several rooms have special names.

There’s the J. C. Patience Room, Z. N. Barnes Room, Gordon Rosenmeier Room, and the R. D. Musser Library. Why these names? All of these men were associated with Pine Tree Lumber Company, so the room names convey history.

Staff have more casual names for these rooms. The Z. N. Barnes Room houses the permanent business and industry exhibits, including artifacts from the logging industry, so we call this the “logging exhibit” or “business exhibit” room.

The J. C. Patience Room houses the permanent way-of-life exhibits. The first label visible upon entering the room has the title “Cultural Baggage,” so that’s what we call the room.

The Gordon Rosenmeier Room is used primarily for research, so we call this “the research room.”

And the R. D. Musser library is simply called “the library.”


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.

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