#Weymu40 – Working Shutters Inside & Out

As part of the design of The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, which was done in a Greek Revival Style, the building has working shutters, both inside and out.

The exterior shutters are held against the building by decorative hardware in black metal. Because these shutters are rarely moved, they are a favorite home to small brown bats. Museum staff regularly hear bats chirping behind the shutters at the front entry during warmer months.

The interior shutters provide a protective function for the collections, shutting out light that can cause damage to items on exhibit. For this reason, the shutters in the J. C. Patience permanent exhibit room are almost continually closed, being opened only when the windows are being cleaned or the power has gone out in the museum and the extra light is needed.

Interior shutters in the Rosenmeier Research Room are opened every morning in order to provide natural light for researchers and staff and to allow people to view the Mississippi River. The shutters are closed in the evening and remain so when the museum is closed to the public in order to cut down on potential light damage.


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.


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