Local Celebrity

Look what we found on page four of the Thursday, 10 November 1949, issue of the Little Falls High School newspaper, “Comet’s Tale”. Ben Smuda is the custodian at MCHS.

Smuda Leads With Touchdowns

Benny Smuda, ace Flyer half-back, led the individual scoring for the Flyers in the 1949 season. All of his points came by touchdowns. George Greene, senior quarterback, is next in line. He scored two touch-downs and kicked seven extra points.

The total scoring:

Player – tds./extra pts./total

Benny Smuda – 5/0/30

George Greene – 2/7/19

Dale Anderson – 3/0/18

Claude Przybilla – 3/0/18

Earl Super – 2/1/13

Rod Copa – 2/0/12

Lloyd Lubbert – 1/0/6

Don Cash – 1/0/6

Total – 122

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  1. Hi Ann Marie,,
    Thanks for the article on Ben. I did show him, on-line here as well as the copy you gave me, and I know he liked reading it. Brought back a lot of memories from his “football years”. He was really surprised to see it on-line though. You are such a “sweetheart”!!!


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