Birch Lake Camps

I often find interesting short items in the old local newspapers that are too good not to share. Typically I find a way to use them as filler in the newsletter, but there’s only so much room in the newsletter, so why not share some of them on the blog?

Here’s a piece regarding summer lake life for several local families, including that of Alfred Tanner.

“There are now three camps of Little Falls people at Birch lake, all in a row on the north bank of the lake. The first is Spring Beach camp, occupied by A. Tanner’s family, the second is Camp O-so-ez-e of T. C. Gordon and family and Camp Schley, occupied by the genial gentleman E.F. Shaw and Wm. Ford, with John Chounard in charge of the cooking department. All three camps are situated in one grove, which is one of the most beautiful and pleasant spots in the northwest. Visitors are royally entertained at any one of the camps. A Transcript representative returned today from a three days’ visit at the lake and can vouch for the hospitality of the campers and for the excellent fishing to be had in that lake.”

– Little Falls Daily Transcript, August 18, 1898

Notice that a reporter actually took the time to recreate as part of his job.

Articles like this show which local families hung out together, giving historians a clue as to how relationships, businesses and organizations formed.

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