Collections Carousel – Carl Muehlbauer Bowl

Carl Muehlbauer, General Merchandise-Jewelry-Radio, Flensburg, Minnesota. Circa 1950. (Photograph by MCHS Intern, Marissa K.)

This beautiful bowl was a promotional piece given by the Carl Muehlbauer store of Flensburg, Minnesota.  Carl Muehlbauer owned and operated a store in Flensburg from the mid-1930s to the late 1950s.  The store originally was listed in local city and telephone directories as a general merchandise establishment.  It later added jewelry, radios and television.  Carl also had a garage and service station in the city in the 1930s.  Carl Muehlbauer was born on March 1, 1904, to Frank and Theresa (Blechinger) Muehlbauer of Pike Creek Township in Morrison County, Minnesota.  Frank and Theresa had immigrated to the United States from Germany with their parents.  According to a Works Progress Administration biography of Carl’s father, Frank (WPA Biography of Frank Muehlbauer #874), Carl was one of ten children born to Frank and Theresa.  Carl’s education included an auto and mechanic school at the Dunwoody Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a radio and electric school in Chicago, Illinois, both of which prepared him for his career as a business owner.  Carl married Margaret Wotzka on November 26, 1936.

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