The Stuff I Find

I’ve been cleaning up my computer files at the museum this morning, mostly just moving things into the appropriate folders.  There were quite a few miscellaneous histories floating around; some transcriptions of notes museum staff have taken; some mini interviews we have had with visitors.  I thought I’d share one of the documents I found.  Jan, our Executive Director, made note of  a list of names found on a certificate in the  entrance of St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church in Elmdale Township in 1996.  The congregation has since disbanded.  The last I heard, the dome of the church had been removed and placed in the church cemetery.  I’m not sure what has happened with the building.  Here is the list Jan made:

Ben Voytilla

John Chuba

Joseph Goiko

Edvard Voronyak

Tom Plafcan

Bill Plafcan

John Brada

George Habas

Walter Kotzik

Cindy Horvat

John B. Kotzer

Paul Kotzer

Bill Habas

John Kotzer, Jr.

Mrs. George Chuba

Daniel Hatala

John M. Kotzer

Martha Habas

Dorsak family

Mrs. Anton Barb

Helen Dorsak

Jack Dorsak

Ladies Club

Harry Chuba

Karl Sondho

Emil Dorsak

Spokena Was

George Felegy

Mrs. N. Brada

Mrs. Chuba

Mrs. Schwartz

Joseph Hane

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