Road Work Finished (Mostly)

If you’ve tried to get to the Weyerhaeuser Museum on Lindbergh Drive over the last month or so, you know that the road was impassable between the Lindbergh Home, Lindbergh State Park and the Weyerhaeuser Museum. The detour was approximately 10-minutes long and took you out of town and up a bumpy, dirt road before approaching the museum from the south side of the Pike Creek bridge. Joy for all, I tell you. I’m happy to announce that the road has been tarred and traffic has been flowing normally through the park area for the past week. There’s still a bit of work to be done. The entrances to each of our sites are not complete, some shoulder work has to be finished, and the road needs more striping. On my way into work today, I came across work crews in this area, looking like they were going to get on this finish work. The road isn’t closed, but you’ll want to move slowly through the area and be prepared for work crews. I’m crossing my fingers that the road will remain open, but I’ll be ready to resign myself to the detour, just in case.

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