Internet Use Survey

We at the Morrison County Historical Society are attempting to get a handle on how our stakeholders (members, donors, friends, etc.) use the internet so we can best allocate our limited resources.  Shall we concentrate more effort online, or should we do more offline? We’ll always have some mix of both, but need to know where we’re most likely to reach people.

To that end, we’ve created a short survey on SurveyMonkey. As I’m writing this two days before Thanksgiving, if you’ve got nothing better to do after eating turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberries, please
Click here to take survey.

It won’t take much energy and you can take a nap after. Really.

We’ll be collecting responses until February 28, 2011, so if you don’t have time during the Thanksgiving holiday, you can take it later. A paper version of the survey will also be sent to members via the next MCHS newsletter. (No need to fill out more than one.)

Thanks for your help!


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