Today Is Give to the Max Day

Hey, all – In case you haven’t heard, today is Give to the Max Day through It is a day to support your favorite nonprofits by donating funds to assist them in achieving their missions.

With the economy being what it is, most nonprofits, including the Morrison County Historical Society, have seen their income streams reduced considerably within the last few years, yet the demands on our services have risen. We could really use your help.

Give to the Max Day is scheduled to coincide with people’s year-end giving decisions and makes that giving easy. If you’re inclined to make the Morrison County Historical Society part of this year’s Give to the Max Day, click on the logo in our right sidebar for our donation page. If you’re looking to give to another nonprofit, visit’s home page and use the search box in the upper right corner to look for your nonprofit’s page.

The service is available all year long (even on weekends and holidays and at three in the morning), so if you miss Give to the Max Day, you can donate another day.

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