Collections Carousel – St. Francis High School, 1931

St. Francis High School, 1931

St. Francis High School got its start in 1922 when Sister Mary Antonia Kane of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls established a High School Department at the St. Francis Convent in Little Falls, Minnesota.  The High School Department consisted mainly of a table, a few benches, a dictionary, some textbooks, a globe and a modicum of science equipment.  Enrollment rapidly increased causing St. Francis High School to be officially established as a girls’ high school in September of 1926.  The school accepted both boarders and day students.  As the school rapidly outgrew the available space within the Franciscan Sisters complex, it was soon decided that a separate building needed to be constructed.  Construction began in the spring of 1930 and was completed in January of 1931.  The new St. Francis High School building boasted laboratories in the basement and a third floor dormitory that could accommodate one hundred boarders.  St. Francis High School served as a school until 1977.

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  1. St. Francis High School was an amazing place that offered an education to young women that truly prepared us for the future. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this fine institution.

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