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This past Saturday, I taught a class on Twitter – both the basics of the service and how to use it with a purpose, rather than merely blurting out what you had for lunch or when you’re going to bed. (Not that those are invalid uses of Twitter, mind you. Those sorts of tweets humanize the application.)

Our research room was full of engaged students asking good questions about Twitter, with a few questions about blogging thrown in for good measure. It was loads of fun for me. I hope our students felt the same.

The Twitter class (officially called How to Use Twitter with a Purpose) is one I can see repeating, so if you missed it and want a chance to take it in the future, let me know.

In other tech news, Defiance Cary (a.k.a. Cary Lenore Walski) answered a question I had about hooking Google Analytics up to our self-hosted WordPress blog (a.k.a. the website you are now reading). The process is much simpler than I expected and Cary has posted a video explanation at her blog. Thanks, Cary!

I have one other bit of tech news to share, but it’s such a BIG thing that I’m going to save it for a later blog post. (By “later” I mean tomorrow, unless we get swamped and I don’t have time to get the post written. Cross your fingers that “later” ends up being tomorrow!)

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