Two Indexes Added to Website

I’ve added a couple of new pages to our website today (not more than 15 minutes ago). One page is on Family History Books; the other is on WPA Histories. On each of these pages, you’ll find a link to a full index for each of these resources within MCHS collections.

The Family History Books index lists all of the book-form family histories people have donated to us over the years. These books/manuscripts don’t fit within our Family Files, so we keep them in the Archive.

The WPA Histories index lists all of the biographies and histories collected throughout Morrison County during the 1930s Works Progress Administration program. This index is large (66 pages) with biographies and histories filed alphabetically by type (i.e. Biography, Church history, School history, etc.)

The Family History Books and WPA Histories pages can be found in the left sidebar.

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