Projects Coming to Fruition

Strangely, it can feel as though we aren’t making significant progress on some of our projects, even though we’re constantly working on something. And then, suddenly, a bunch of things are completed all at once. That has happened for us today.

Ann Marie is putting together the shelves needed to store the Stanek photography collection, which has been being processed for the past couple of years. With a long-term project like this, it can seem like we’re never going to finish, but the end of this one is in sight. Alice is almost done with the little bit of work she has left (only one more box!), and Ann Marie can move the boxes of photos that have been stacking up on her work surface to the shelves once she has them up. (One has been assembled. She’ll have the other one done by the end of the day.)

Today in the mail, we received our proof copies of another book we are publishing. Last week, we received the very first proof copy and discovered that the cover was not as clear as we wanted it. Also, the back cover was attached wrong. Today’s proof copies show that these issues have been cleared up. Woohoo! We’ll be making an announcement soon about the nature of this new publication and the event we are planning to celebrate it.

This morning I took part in a webinar that more fully explained, an online donation service that will allow donors to easily find charities and help them to make contributions to their favorite organizations. is part of the Razoo online giving service and will officially go live on November 2, this coming Monday. After the webinar, I went to MCHS’s profile and updated it, plus I added Adopt a Square Foot as a museum cause. The Donate button you see in the right sidebar will take you to our profile page on Razoo. By next week, the button may be switched to one that shows the brand.

Because Razoo works with Facebook, and we’ve been considering adding a Facebook Fan Page now that we’ve integrated Twitter into our routine, I took the plunge and built the MCHS Facebook Fan Page today. You have to be a member of Facebook in order to become a fan of the page. There’s a link in our sidebar if you want to find our Facebook page with ease. I managed to get a few museum photos posted, so check it out.

Finally, a new exhibit piece we’ve been waiting for was dropped off today. Once again, I’ll refrain from saying exactly what it is until we put together an announcement concerning its unveiling, but let me tease you by saying that this piece has personality.

What an exciting day for us at the Weyerhaeuser Museum!

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