Caveat on Events Posting

I received a request to post information on a state-wide event today.  Before I post it, I’d like to explain a little bit about what we will post here and why.  As the Morrison County Historical Society, we have a very specific purpose – to collect, preserve and disseminate the history of Morrison County.  In order to keep our nonprofit status, we have to cleave tightly to that purpose.  When we post event notices here, our first priority is to follow that mission and post things that we are involved with, or that meet our mission in some way.

That said, one of the reasons we started this newsfeed was so that we had a space to post things that may be of broader interest to our members and friends.  Morrison County history hooks into the wider history of the state of Minnesota in some unexpected ways.  We know that history doesn’t stay in nice, neat, little geographic packages.  Periodically, we will post information on the newsfeed about events that we think will mesh with Morrison County history, even if that connection isn’t readily apparent.  We won’t get crazy about it, though, so don’t add our newsfeed to your list of regular media contacts.  And don’t take it personally if we don’t happen to post about a particular event.  It may not have met our criteria, or we didn’t have time to post.  If you have any questions, leave a comment, or contact us via email.

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