Another Mushroom

It’s been over a year since I wrote about the Sulfur Shelf Mushroom.  A few days ago my sister-in-law, Alvina, pointed out our kitchen window and asked what kind of white flower was growing in our yard.  I said we don’t have any white flowers on this side of the yard, but I’ll take a look as I can’t  see it from here.

Much to my delight, it was another mushroom, or is it a toad…I don’t know much about these things only that  it was pretty cool to find in our yard.  As fast as these old legs of mine would go, I went back inside for my camera.  It’s a good thing I got photos too, as hubby cut the grass that day and, you got it, cut down the mushroom!  When I told museum curator, Ann Marie, she said there are plenty of them in the Charles Lindbergh State Park (located across the road from the museum to the north).

Later that day I emailed the photos to museum manager, Mary Warner.  Next day she told me she got the photos and I said I think I have to write another mushroom story and she agreed.

I don’t know the name of this mushroom, and I did check it out on-line to see what I could find.  Well, I’m no wizard on the computer, and I looked at so many photos, but found none of this mushroom.  I finally gave up the search and thought maybe someone reading this article could identify it for me.  I would be ever so grateful! Just click onto the comment area below or send us an email.

~ Alice Smuda

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