Summer’s Arrived

The feeder’s washed and filled with fresh juice for the hummingbirds.  Fields of wild flowers are  bending with the wind preparing to burst out in bloom.  The planter at the entrance of the museum is filled with variegated purple and white verbena, bacopa of white with yellow centers, peach geraniums and spikes.

Thanks to our director, Jan Warner, and board members, Pat Quinn and Camille Warzecha, for the new look in our courtyard.  The old locust trees now share space with four large pots which are bursting with an array of purple, white, peach, gold and pink flowers.  The flower gardens at the end of the patio are starting to bloom with various colors of lilies, and two large pots of pink roses are popping out by the walkway to the gazebo.

Summer has finally arrived in full bloom to accent the wonderful architecture of the museum’s building.

Stop in for a visit, do some research or just say hi, how ya’ doin”.

~ Alice Smuda

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