Almost Broke It

Yep. It’s time to go home for the day. I almost broke the new website I spent all day working on. Accidentally deleted a file that I needed to make the home page appear. Found a way to retrieve it, so all is good and I won’t head home crying.

So, here it is. The new web design. I’ve used WordPress to build the site, which will make it easier for other staff members to update.

The site isn’t quite finished yet. (That’s the beauty and hazard of building a site while it is live on the internet.) I will be adding more sidebar links next week. Most of the basic information is here, though, transferred over from the other site. If you want to find the history articles that were on our other site, use the link at the top of the left-hand sidebar. It will take you to a separate section of the website. That area looks somewhat different than this one. I’ve used blue, rather than green, plus historic pictures are in the banner. There is a link back to this home page there, in the upper corner of the left-hand sidebar.

Now that our content and articles are  within the WordPress format, that means that almost all of our links have changed, so if you linked up to something particular on the old website, you’ll want to search for the page again and relink it.

All of the history articles are still live on the web, so if you type in the exact URL, you’ll get the old page, but many of the links won’t work on the old site. The old pages will be taken down next week, as soon as I make sure I have created pages for all of them.

If you’ve been following our blog, Skimming the Cream, I’ll be adding a post to redirect you here because this site will take the place of the blog. All of the past posts from Skimming the Cream have been imported here, so you won’t be missing anything. I’ll create a new feed for this site next week, so those of you following with a feed reader can update things at that time.

Let me know if you have any problems with the site. – Mary

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