Website Redesign in the Works

I am currently in the process of redesigning our website. One of the things I’ve long wanted to do – ever since starting this blog, in fact – is to integrate our blog into our main website, to have it run on the home page. The redesign will accomplish that.

I’m going to be using WordPress, the program through which our blog is run, as a CMS, or content management system, for the website. In essence, I’m going to use WordPress to build the website, rather than start from scratch. This will allow more people on staff to update the website when needed. They won’t have to know how to write computer code to do so. It will also allow us to change the design more easily in the future.

The one disadvantage to switching from our current website to a WordPress site is that most of the link addresses will change. (The home page of the main website will stay the same, as will any pdf documents.) This means that if you’ve linked to an article or page on the main website, the link will be broken once the new site is up. Bummer, I know. I’ll try to mitigate the damage, but I can’t promise much.

The other thing that will happen is that Skimming the Cream will go away, but not the posts that appear here. Instead, these will be imported into the new home page blog. Links to pages will be restructured as well.

All of this is a very long way of telling you that you might start seeing weird things happening to our website. Please bear with us. If an article is missing and you need to refer to it, contact us and we’ll provide it in an alternate format.

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